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Step By Step Guide To Configure Cashback Plugin

Once you have successfully setup your coupon theme you may extend the functionality of your website to offer cashback to your visitors by Install and Activate the Cashback Plugin. If you do not know the business side of cashback, refer to the How it Works Section.

As for the technical configuration, see below:

Preparing your Plugin For Sales Data

  1. Set website level cashback settings, such as transaction currency, commission currency, withdrawal modes and much more in site-wide settings.
  2. Give the plugin blanket rules to auto-calculate your user's cashback amount. This would save majority of your time. You will have to set Cashback Formulae for each store in the Storewise Settings.

Getting the Sales Data From Affiliate Program / Network

There are two main processes where are cashback plugin interacts with your affiliate program / network.
  1. To inform your affiliate program / network as to who made the click on your website. This is done by passing the Click ID in Coupon/Store affiliate URLs of your website. As a universal practice, all affiliate programs which allow cashback as a method of promotion, have sub-ID parameters in their affiliate links. You may ask about your affiliate program's sub-ID variable to your account manager at the affiliate network. Once confirmed, please follow this page of documentation.
  2. To accept & show a transaction made through your website in admin as well as user's dashboard with all important data. For this, our cashback plugin uses Post-Back URL / Pixels. This method is used by almost all popular affiliate programs worldwide. Unlike API integration, PostBack is hence universal and works across regions, languages and currencies. With minute differences, the method of PostBack integration remains more or less similar. Please follow the documentation of this page to understand the process to integrate cashback plugin with your Affiliate Network. As a sample, you may also see our videos. 
    1. Adding & Testing Postback URL in Admitad
    2. Adding Postback URL in Has-Offers
    3. Adding Postback URL in Cuelinks
    4. Adding Postback URL in Involve Asia
    5. Adding Postback URL in Awin
  3. For affiliate programs / networks not supporting postback pixels / URLs, you can add transactions manually to your website.

Correcting / Editing the Imported Sales Data

  1. Although we had set cashback formulae in first step, you still may have to manually edit cashback amounts in case of complex commission structures or in cases where the affiliate program or network doesn't send correct or updated data through postback. To do so you may refer to Editing records in Transactions table.
  2. Although rare, there may also be times when your user made a purchase through your website but isn't able to see the same in Cashback Plugin. This may happen very commonly due to technical errors on affilaite program / network / merchant end. So you may also make a provision to Handle Missing Cashback.

Configuring Refer and Earn Feature

  1. First step is to configure Refer and Earn related settings in 'sitewide settings', please follow the documentation on this page.
  2. Create a Registration Page for Referral or Import the page from the demo website as documented.
  3. To share the Referral link with your family and friends, see Refer and Earn panel.


  1. Configure joining bones in Sitewide Settings.
  2. In bonus panel, you can see the list of User ID who got the Joining Bonus and Referral Bonus. You may also add bonuses manually or edit records there.

Withdrawal Panel

  1. Configure withdrawal threshold limit and withdrawal modes in Sitewide Settings.
  2. You can find the withdrawal details of your User in Withdrawal Panel. Please see this page of documentation to understand all those options.

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