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Cashback Features

How It Works


Logged-in User clicks on Affiliate Links on your website


User completes a purchase on store website


User-wise Sale is recorded in Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program sends Transaction details to your website


User makes a withdrawal request on your website


You make payment to the user via preferred option

Build loyal visitors by rewarding them on every purchase they make via your website.

Work with any Affiliate Network in any Country. No restrictions. No dependencies.

Extend ClipMyDeals into a fully-functional Cashback Website.

User-wise Clicks & Transaction Reports

Dynamically logs User's outgoing clicks, and passes them as SubID in your Affiliate Links. This helps in keeping track of all clicks & transaction, along with all required details like:

  • Date & Time of Click
  • Date & Time of Transaction
  • Merchant Transaction ID
  • Sale & Cashback Amount
  • Transaction & Cashback Status
All users can see their own reports while the Admin has access to consolidated data.

Cashback Plugin - Transaction Report

Integrate with ANY Affiliate Program

Cashback Plugin - Work with Any Affiliate Network

We use a standard and globally recognized technique called "Postbacks" to automatically sync transactions from Affiliate Networks with your ClipMyDeals website. This way, you can literally work with any Affiliate Network around the world.

  • No restrictions. No dependencies.
  • Realtime Transactions
  • Automatic Updates

Cashback Formulae

  • Automatic Calculation for Cashback amount based on Fixed values or Percentage value of Transaction.
  • Cashback Messages for each store, which gets displayed under the coupons & deals.
  • T&C Page for detailed conditions. Very handy for stores that offer different commissions for each category.

Cashback Plugin - Automatic Cashback Calculation

Payout Mangement

Amazon Pay
Google Pay
  • Get full control over which payment methods you want to enable
  • Select a popular payment method, or add any custom method yourself
  • View Withdrawal Claims along with user's preferred payment method
  • Download withdrawal list to Bulk Upload in your payment system

Rewards & Bonuses

Make loyal visitors with Referral Program, Joining Bonuses, or Festive Bonuses.

Refer & Earn

Use your loyal users to grow your business. Give incentives to your users for inviting their friends. Such personalized social promotions, have far better returns than any other marketing spends.

Cashback Plugin - Refer and Earn
Cashback Plugin - Joining Bonus

Joining Bonus

Implement the most successfully tried & tested traffic strategy! Give joining bonuses to new registrations, so that they shop more via your cashback site to try and reach the withdrawal threshold.

Login Prompts

Remind users to Login for Cashback

Cashback Plugin - Login Prompt
  • Enable Compulsary Login to make all users register before they can click on coupons or any cashback links on your website.
  • Or, use the Suggest Login option to recommend users to sign-up, but let them continue using a Skip Login button.
  • Or, Disable this feature completely if you want to keep all affiliate earnings to yourself for non-logged-in users.

Dashboards & Insights

Cashback Plugin - Dashboards

Admin Insights

  • Click Records
  • Transaction Details
  • Manage Bonuses
  • Withdrawal List
  • Payout Management
  • Editing & Inline Corrections
  • Bulk Import & Export

User Panels

  • Bonuses & Rewards
  • Click Records
  • Transactions
  • Earnings
  • Payment History
  • Payment Preferences
  • Profile Management

Browser Extension

Maximise affilaite earnings whenever your users shop using Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera

Notify your Users

With the Browser Extension, you can proactively alert your users whenever they are shopping online. This way they will never miss an offer, and you will never miss your affiliate commissions.

Browser Extension - Offer Notification
Browser Extension - Coupons & Deals

Coupons & Deals

All Coupons & Deals will be visible right in your user's browser. This also eliminates the possibility of your users visiting competitor coupon websites that rank higher than you in search results.


If you are also using our Cashback plugin on your website, then your user's can activate cashback right from the Browser Extension. The more they shop, the more affiliate commissions you earn.

Browser Extension - Cashback Activation
Browser Extension - Price Alerts

Price Comparison

If you install our Price Comparison Plugin, the browser extension can even alert your visitor's about a better price on other stores. Even if the price is same, a comparison notification may persuade visitor's to buy from stores with higher cashback or simply better reputation.

Cashback Theme

This Cashback Plugin is an extension of

ClipMyDeals Coupon Theme

The Most Complete Affiliate Theme Ever !!

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