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Cashback Formulae

Cashback plugin has a feature to auto-calculate your user's cashback amount with mainly three types of formulae:
  1. Percentage of Transaction Amount Basis: You may define user's cashback as a specific percentage of total sale value.
  2. Percentage of Commission Amount Basis: This will be especially useful when the merchant has multiple slabs of commission or has category-wise commissions.
  3. Flat Payout Basis: Regardless of the sale value, you may set your user's commission to a pre-defined value. The currency symbol in drop down depends on the currency you have defined in the 'sitewide settings' panel.

Cashback Message

To configure Cashback Messages for each store coupons/deals, you need to go to WordPress > Cashback > Storewise Settings. Here you will get a complete list of all stores that are currently created in ClipMyDeals.

Against each store, you can enter a Cashback Message. Like "Get 5% Cashback", "Upto $5 Cashback", etc. Although this message gets auto populated with the entry of formula, you may still edit it and customize the message before saving.

You can change the color of the cashback message from Cashback > Sitewide Settings > Cashback Message Color.

Cashback T&Cs Page

Cashback Messages may not be sufficient in many cases. Many Affiliate Programs have different commission rates for different products/categories. It is not possible to mention all these details in the Cashback Message (which is generally 5-7 words maximum).

To handle such cases, you need to create WordPress Pages with detailed cashback terms that you want to offer. You can mention cashbacks on various products/categories and all other terms & conditions that the user must be aware about before moving ahead with the transaction.

You then need to assign this page as the T&C Page for that particular store. If you have the same T&C for multiple stores, then you can reassign the same page to multiple stores.

A link to the T&C Page will be shown on the coupons along with the cashback message. Note that you still need to enter some cashback message for the store.
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