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Auto-Importing Transactions using Post-Back URL / Pixels

Almost every affiliate program worldwide supports Post-Back URL / Pixels to pull all the related information for each transaction on real time basis. ClipMyDeals Cash-Back plugin not only supports this system but also has a separate panel for admins to create URLs & Pixels (see below image).

ClipMyDeals Postback

To use a Post-Back URL / Pixel, below is the process:

  1. Go to Cashback > Postback in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Add Sub ID Variable. This should be the same Sub-ID that you will use to pass [click_id] short-code in your affiliate links.
  3. Add Transaction ID Variable. This should ideally be transaction ID from the store, or a unique record identifier in your affiliate panel. Make sure to find the correct variable from your affiliate network's list of parameter variables
  4. Add Transaction Amount Variable. This is the total sale amount and not the commission amount.
  5. Add the Commission Amount Variable. This is the amount of commission, that you will receive from the store against the said transaction.
  6. Add Transaction Date Variable. This gives the Transaction Date in a valid date format or in UNIX Timestamp. If you leave this blank, system will auto apply current date - so you will see transactions with dates when they were auto pulled in cashback plugin.
  7. Select whether you wish to Auto-Approve pulled transactions. If you select 'Yes', then transactions status will be 'Approved' immediately once it gets pulled into the system. If you select 'No', then the transactions will carry a 'Pending Verification' status, until they are manually 'Approved' by the admin.
  8. Postback Version: You can choose Version 1 or Version 2. However, it is recommended to select Version 2. Version 2 postback provides additional security by adding a token in your Postback URL.
  9. Token: You can create different tokens for each Affiliate Network/program/campaign to identify which of those generated the postback. Adding a token to the postback URL will add security to your transactions. View this documentation to understand How to Add a Token
  10. Click on create. Then, simply copy & paste the Post Back URL / Pixel into your affiliate program panel or in the specified store panel on affiliate network.

Sample videos for configuring Postback URLs

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