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NOTE: Demo websites are created to showcase how you can build a fully functional website using ClipMyDeals Theme & Plugins. To demonstrate certain common website functionalities like Social Login, Newsletters, etc. we have used some free third-party WordPress plugins as well. Please read demo website documentation to know more. We do not recommend or restrict the use of any specific plugin with ClipMyDeals. You are free to implement the same features with other plugins that you may prefer.

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Complete Affiliate Website
Full Sample 1
Coupons+Products+Cashback View Demo
Cashkaro Clone
Full Sample 2
Coupons+Products+Cashback View Demo
Coupon Website Demo
Coupon Website
Affiliate Coupons Only View Demo
Price Comparison Demo
Price Comparison
Products+Cashback View Demo
Cashback Website Demo
Cashback Website
Coupons+Cashback View Demo
Old Layout Demo
Classic Layout
Coupons+Cashback View Demo

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Other Languages - French
Complete French Affiliate Website View Demo
Other Languages - Arabic
Complete Arabic Affiliate Website View Demo
Other Languages - German
Complete German Affiliate Website View Demo
Other Languages - Portuguese
Complete Portuguese Affiliate Website View Demo
Other Languages - Spanish
Complete Spanish Affiliate Website View Demo

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Welcome Type - Video
Video Content
Autoplaying Video background View Demo
Welcome Type - Slides
Rotating Slides with Ad Banners View Demo
Welcome Type - Multi-Slides
2 or 3 Ad Banners at a time View Demo
Welcome Type - Banner
Attractive Banner Background View Demo

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List Layout Demo
List Layout
Single Offer on each row View Demo
2-Column Grid Demo
Large adjacent offer blocks View Demo
3-Column Grid Demo
3 offer blocks in a row View Demo
4-Column Grid Demo
4 thin offer blocks per row View Demo

Options to Reveal Coupons

Inline Coupons Demo
Codes are shown in Offer Card View Demo
Popup Coupons Demo
Codes are shown in a Popup View Demo

Other Pages

Refer-n-Earn Page
Encourage visitors to invite friends View Demo
Submit Coupons Page
Submit Coupons
Let others add offers to your site View Demo
Latest Coupons Page
Latest Coupons
Recently added Coupons Listing View Demo
Latest Products
Latest Products
Recently added Products listing View Demo

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App Demo
Android App Demo
App Demo
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