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Passing Click ID (User Information) in Coupon/Store URLs

To run a cashback site, you will need to pass the Click ID of each click Affiliate Programs. This way, after the transaction is complete, your Affiliate Program will be able to tell you which user & merchant was involved in it.

User Registration & Login

Your users will log in and register using standard WordPress Login URLs.
  • Login:
  • Register:
Make sure you have enabled user registration in WordPress > Settings > General > Membership. Check the box which says "Anyone can Register".

Passing Click ID to your Affiliate Programs

To pass the Click ID, you need to use the shortcode [click_id] in your affiliate URLs.

For example, let us assume that the Affiliate Program of has affiliate ID parameter "aid" and sub_id parameter "s1". Then if your affiliate ID is 123, you would enter the URL as:[click_id]
Please read your Affiliate Program's deeplinking guide thoroughly to understand where you can pass user information.

NOTE: This shortcode only applies to your Coupon/Deal URLs, and in the Store URL for the "Visit Website" button.

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