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Demo Websites

Complete Affiliate Website
Full Sample 1
Coupons+Products+Cashback View Demo
Coupon Website Demo
Coupon Website
Affiliate Coupons Only View Demo
Price Comparison Demo
Price Comparison
Products+Cashback View Demo
Cashback Website Demo
Cashback Website
Coupons+Cashback View Demo

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WordPress Customizer - Live Preview all changes
WordPress Media Editor
Full support for Gutenberg Editor
Coupon List
Add/Edit Coupon (1/3)
Add/Edit Coupon (2/3)
Add/Edit Coupon (3/3)
Add/Edit Store (1/3)
Add/Edit Store (2/3)
Add/Edit Store (3/3)
Add/Edit Category (1/2)
Add/Edit Category (2/2)

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Cashback Overview Panel
User Profiles
Cashback General Settings
Cashback Store-wise Settings
Cashback Automatic Calculations & Messages
Cashback Bonuses
Refer-and-Earn System
Cashback Withdrawal Panel
Integrate any Affiliate Network with Postback

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While beautiful, this theme isn’t just designed to look nice. It’s been carefully styled to maximize your conversion rates.

Ben Sibley, CompeteThemes

With lifetime updates and unlimited support, this theme is 'the best' start you can ever give to your dream affiliate income.

Yashwant Shakyawal, WP-ShopSmart

Unlike other themes that are created by 'Theme Developers', ClipMyDeals has been created by 'Affiliate Marketers'. So they know which feature works, and which does not.

Catherine Garcia, Thimpress

ClipMyDeals is the most stylish & modern looking Coupon Theme. But more than the looks, it deserves top spot for the awesome and unique features.

Peter Nilsson & Editorial Staff @ WP Newsify

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180 Days Buyer Protection

Everything mentioned on our website is completely true. If you do not get any of the feature that is promised on our website, you can claim a Full Refund in up to 180 days from the date of purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we created ClipMyDeals, all other available themes were created by companies that sell different themes. There was not a single theme that understood the real problems faced by Coupon websites. Every theme had irrelevant features that were not needed, and did not have some of the most basic features required for an affiliate website.

ClipMyDeals is the only WordPress Coupon Theme which has been designed & developed by Affiliate Marketing experts. It is based on our real-world experience of running coupon websites since 10 years. We know what a new coupon website needs and what needs to be done as the traffic increases. And so, we packed all that into ClipMyDeals for you!

Once you make the payment, you will receive an email (typically after a few minutes) with your account login credentials. You can use these to log into the ClipMyDeals panel. Once inside the panel, you can download the .zip theme file. ClipMyDeals comes bundled with all features, so there are no dependencies on any third party plugins.

You will need to set your installation domain name in the panel, and use the license key to activate the theme. Each license can be used for exactly one domain. Apart from the domain, you can also use it on your local server (localhost) or on your test subdomain. For example, if your primary domain name for the license is "", then you can also use it on "".

Each license comes with lifetime FREE updates, which means you will be notified in your WordPress Updates page whenever we release a new version. You can update the theme directly from there with a single click.

ClipMyDeals also comes with lifetime FREE Support. For any issues, you can create a ticket and our Support Team will get back to you on that as soon as possible.

As such, ClipMyDeals comes with all necessary features needed to run a coupon website. Other functionalities can be added with the use of WordPress Plugins. If you still need to add something special, then you can create a child theme. We highly recommend you make all front-end changes using Child Themes to ensure your customizations are not lost during theme updates.

If you need help for creating the child theme, you can create a support ticket to ask questions. We will try to guide you as much as possible. However, ClipMyDeals Support Team will not do any manual coding or any other kind of implementation for your project. At the most, we can recommend a freelancer or a company that works on ClipMyDeals customizations.

ClipMyDeals is a WordPress Theme, so it will work on any server or host that supports the self-hosted WordPress Platform. This does not cover sites as they are completely different, and we have never tested the theme with it.

All features of ClipMyDeals are packed with the theme itself. So it does not depend on any third-party plugins or scripts for the core functionalities.

ClipMyDeals however comes pre-integrated with LinkMyDeals for Coupon Feeds. LinkMyDeals needs to call their API to download the latest feed. So if you are using LinkMyDeals, you need to turn ON your PHP's allow_url_fopen environment setting for it to work correctly.

Yes, ofcourse! ClipMyDeals is built purely on WordPress standards and has been tested with most other popular WordPress Plugins that are used for Contact Forms, Caching, Newslettter Subscriptions, Social Sharing, SEO, etc.

Yes. ClipMyDeals with completely translation-ready. You can use any popular method or plugin for translations to other languages. It should also work with RTL languages. You need to create a rtl.css file in a child theme if you want to customize the layout for RTL languages.

ClipMyDeals has a ticket-based and email support system. Phone or Skype support is not available as such, but may be provided in case of complex queries. If screen-sharing is necessary, you will have to install "AnyDesk" remote sharing software.

No. The Cashback Plugin needs a lot of information and activity updates from the front-end of the website, which is handled by ClipMyDeals Coupon Theme. So it can only work as an extension of our theme, not as an independent plugin.

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