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Coupon Theme Features

Coupon Layouts

Show Codes & Deals with List or Grid Layouts

  • List Layout
  • 2 Column Grid Layout
  • 3 Column Grid Layout

Homepage Styles

Welcome your visitors to your website with a Video, Banner, Slider or simply a minimilistic clean homepage.

Android App

With more than 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices, Mobile App is now a necessity.

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Android App for Coupon Website

Cashback Plugin

Cashback Plugin available with Theme

Build loyal visitors by rewarding them on every purchase they make via your website.

Work with any Affiliate Network in any Country. No restrictions. No dependencies.

Extend ClipMyDeals into a fully-functional Cashback Website.

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Coupon Feed Integrations

As an Affiliate Marketer, your main task is to market & promote your Coupon Website. And to confidently drive traffic, you need to keep your website up-to-date.


CouponAPI.org collects a Coupons & Deals from popular Affiliate Networks and imports it to your website using their WordPress Plugin. All you need to do is enter Affiliate IDs, and subscribe to add as many stores as you want. You website will be automatically updated on a near-real-time basis from all your Networks.


If you are a pro, you will need Coupons & Deals from "All Official Sources", not just Affiliate Networks. For this, we provide pre-integration with LinkMyDeals Coupon Feeds which imports all offers from Store websites, banners, Email Newsletters, SMS/App Notifications, Social Media, networks & other such sources.

Coupon Feeds integrated with ClipMyDeals Coupon Theme

25 Preset Color Combinations

With 70+ Design Options and 9 popular Fonts, the possibilities to customize the look & feel of this Coupons Theme are virtually endless.

To make it easier for you, we have pre-configured 25 most successful color & font combinations on the internet which you can directly choose for a quick start.

Coupon Theme - Preset 1
Coupon Theme - Preset 2
Coupon Theme - Preset 3
Coupon Theme - Preset 4
Coupon Theme - Preset 5
Coupon Theme - Preset 6

1-Click Customization. No Coding Required.

Click - Change - Publish! That's how easy it is to completely redisign your ClipMyDeals website as per your preferences.

Coupon Theme - Live Customizations

Live Preview to see all changes while customizing various aspects of your website - from colors & layouts, to widgets, menus, and more...

Native WordPress Customizer makes sure all of your settings are 100% WordPress compliant.

Like to use Page Builders? No problem at all. We maintain 100% WordPress standards, so you can use any WordPress builder plugin like Elementor or WP-Bakery or whichever you like.

Child Theme option for professional developers for more advance changes.

Printable Coupons with Barcode Generator

Want to distribute coupons for physical stores? Printable Coupons can be redeemed at a store's checkout counter. It prints with a Code-128 Barcode for faster checkout.

Coupon Theme with Pritable Vouchers
Voucher Printout with Barcode

Location Taxonomy

Do you run your website across multiple countries or cities? If yes, you can enable Location taxonomy and classify offers by locations.

Coupon Theme with Location Taxonomy
  • Add/Edit Locations
  • Location-specific Offer Pages
  • Map Widget in Sidebar
  • Location Dropdown in Advanced Search
  • Location List Widget in sidebar/footer
  • Convinient browsing for visitors
  • Ranks higher in Local Searches

Social Media Optimized

People trust websites which are shared. So in today's world, all websites need to be optimized with the latest Social Media Tags, Meta Elements and easy-to-share features.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever!

All other coupon themes require external plugins to configure social media tags on your website. And if you are not tech-savvy enough to do these configurations correctly, then you are at the mercy of social media websites to decide which image/content to use when a page is shared.

ClipMyDeals, however, comes with all Meta Tags and Open Graph required for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and all popular Social Media portals. Banners and descriptions get used correctly in shared Coupons and Store pages (instead of random content or images). You can even specify your default images and text to use in case of new pages.

If you are pro, and would rather like to use your own code/plugin, then you can simply turn off this feature from your WordPress panel.

Social Media Optimized Theme

Graphics that Increase Conversions

A clean design or a convincing banner can turn an undecided visitor into a confirmed sale. And of course, more sales means more Affiliate Commissions!

Different Colors for each Store Page

Different Colors for each Store's Coupons

This one feature alone makes ClipMyDeals better than any other WordPress Coupon Theme in terms of increasing affiliate sales.

You can match the graphics of each coupon/deal with the usual colors of that store. This makes it easy for your visitors to relate these offers to the store, thereby increasing the trust value and conversions.

Exciting Banners on Store Pages

Stats have proved over and over that e-commerce shoppers are impulsive buyers. ClipMyDeals Theme has a banner position on each store's page. This not only looks awesome, but they can also increase your conversion rates by 40%.

Different Colors for each Store Page

Widgetized Sidebar & Footer Areas

Sidebars are the most effective area on your website to place relevant widgets for your users to interact and to find useful information.

Built-In Widgets for On-Page SEO value

Coupon Theme - Store Location Widget
Map Widget

Add Locations or Headquarters to Store Pages. This not only gives additional info to the visitor but also indicates high-quality and detailed content. (Yes, Search Engines love that).

Coupon Theme - Store Location Widget
Video Commercials

Your visitors are more likely to use the coupon or complete the sale after seeing an interesting Ad or a relevant video. Videos also increase your chances of ranking higher in Search Engines.

Coupon Theme - Store Location Widget
Popular Stores

Popular Store Logos helps you retain your traffic for a longer duration by suggesting more stores which they would like/ The more time visitors spend on your website, the better signal it sends to search engines.

Coupon Theme - Store Location Widget
Navigation Lists

Category, Store & Location lists are vital navigation links to internal pages of your website that cannot be accommodated in the top menu. Internal Links are one of the top 5 ranking factors in Search Engines.

Other Widget Ideas for Customer Experience


Collect Email addresses of your visitors with plugins of Email Marketing Platforms like MailChimp, etc.

Social Sharing

Make it easy for your visitors to share your lovely and useful website with their friends and family.

Social Login

Let your visitors sign-up using their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Contact Form

User feedback helps you improve & grow. Let them contact you using plugins like Contact Form 7, etc.

Other Features of our theme

We are so excited and proud of this Coupon Theme. We would have loved to talk about each and every feature in more detail, but it is not possible. So here are a few more that we couldn't talk about.

Mobile First & Responsive

Great on all browsers

Bootstrap 4 Framework

Clear & Complete Documentation

Lifetime FREE Support

Lifetime FREE Updates

Demo Content

Bulk Import

Blog Posts

100% WordPress

RTL & Translation Ready

WooCommerce Ready

Use ANY WordPress Plugin you like

Our theme is 100% WordPress compliant, which means it is 100% compatible with ALL standard WordPress plugins.

Contact Form 7
W3 Total Cache
Loco Translate
Social Login
Wordfense Security
Google Analytics
Google AdSense
Google XML Sitemaps

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Demo Websites

Demo 1
Coupon Theme - Demo #1

  • Homepage Video
  • List Layout
  • Reveal Inline

Demo 2
Coupon Theme - Demo #2

  • Homepage Slides
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Reveal Inline

Demo 3
Coupon Theme - Demo #3

  • Homepage Banner
  • 3 Column Layout
  • Reveal Popup

Demo 4
Coupon Theme - Demo #4

  • Clean Homepage
  • List Layout
  • Reveal Popup

App Demo
Coupon Theme - App Demo

  • Homepage Banner
  • App Layout
  • Reveal Inline

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