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Android & iOS App

With more than 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices, Mobile App is now a necessity.

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Android App for Coupon Website

Browser Extension

Maximise affilaite earnings whenever your users shop using Chrome, Edge or Opera

Notify your Users

With the Browser Extension, you can proactively alert your users whenever they are shopping online. This way they will never miss an offer, and you will never miss your affiliate commissions.

Browser Extension - Offer Notification
Browser Extension - Coupons & Deals

Coupons & Deals

All Coupons & Deals will be visible right in your user's browser. This also eliminates the possibility of your users visiting competitor coupon websites that rank higher than you in search results.


If you are also using our Cashback plugin on your website, then your user's can activate cashback right from the Browser Extension. The more they shop, the more affiliate commissions you earn.

Browser Extension - Cashback Activation

Demo Websites

Demo 1
Coupon Theme - Demo #1

  • Homepage Video
  • List Layout
  • Reveal Inline

Demo 2
Coupon Theme - Demo #2

  • Homepage Slides
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Reveal Inline

Demo 3
Coupon Theme - Demo #3

  • Homepage Banner
  • 3 Column Layout
  • Reveal Popup

Demo 4
Coupon Theme - Demo #4

  • Clean Homepage
  • List Layout
  • Reveal Popup

Android Demo
Coupon Theme - App Demo

  • Homepage Banner
  • App Layout
  • Reveal Inline

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