Build your own cashback website

How to Make a Cashback Website (Like Rakuten & Cashkaro)

A cashback website is a reward website where users can purchase goods and products on offers or discounts. For each purchase via its affiliate links, the members get a percentage of money earned.

When users visit a cashback website like Rakuten or Cashkaro, they can see how much cashback or discount they will get from a purchase.

Different websites offer different reward programs on the selling price of a product or service. Some offer rebates and discount packages, whereas others have a fixed cashback amount or percentage on each buy.

When customers click a link on a cashback website to buy something, they are directed to the retailer. The website, on the other hand, receives a commission from the retailer once the purchase is confirmed. 

The customer gets a share of the commission in the form of cashback or gift vouchers. Users also get awarded for referrals, completing surveys, making multiple purchases, etc. 

Running a cashback website is a profitable venture because there is a huge demand for affiliate marketing in the current market. You just need to start the coupon website as a one-time investment. Then, your returns keep coming with time. 

  • You don’t have to incur any major startup costs.
  • It is easy to build and run.
  • You get to stay away from supply chain issues.

This is why several business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs prefer to build coupon or cashback solutions as a business model. It is a quick and easy solution to earn money and build a market presence. But first, you must learn how to make a cashback website (like Rakuten & Cashkaro).

How to Build a Cashback Website

Building a cashback or coupon website is not too difficult, but you have to keep a few factors in mind. The plan should be to create a site, publish suitable products with affiliate links, promote your business, and track the purchases for profits.

Let’s go over the steps in detail.

Steps to start a cashback website

Step 1: Buy a domain.

The first step towards building any website is to choose a domain name and buy the domain. Choosing the right name for your business is important, as it sets the first impression and becomes the recognizable factor of your company.

You can choose a name that is unique but also lets people know what the website is about. Your domain name must:

  • Be meaningful and distinctive
  • Reflect your brand image
  • Hold interest for the target audience
  • Be easily understandable for Google as well as your prospective customers

After zeroing in on a few name options, check if the domain name is available. If yes, buy the domain. If not, consider an available domain name with a similar value.

You can buy a domain from several websites, like Google Domains. Just select the domain, add it to the cart, and pay for it.

Step 2: Buy the ClipMyDeals WordPress Theme and Cashback Plugin.

Next, you must start actually building the website. For that, you need themes and plugins. Buy ClipMyDeals WordPress themes and cashback plugins to create easy-to-use, customizable, and high-performing websites.

With ClipMyDeals, you can get themes for coupons and deals, price comparison pages, cashback features, browser extensions, Android apps, iOS apps, and coupon feed integrations. It is a fully white-labeled service optimized for search engines and quick updates.

Choose product layouts, add price comparison charts, build detailed product pages, enable user notifications, and customize the look of the website with more than 70 design options and multiple font choices. Customizations are easy to make and require no coding knowledge.

Step 3: Buy a hosting and set up a ClipMyDeals theme on it.

Once your cashback website is ready to go live, you must get a hosting plan. Hosting provides storage for the website and makes it accessible to users on the internet. You can choose a website hosting plan from online hosting providers or build your own host server.

Buying a plan is the easier option, but make sure you opt for an affordable plan. You can buy a low-tier plan at first and upgrade later as traffic increases.

After buying a hosting, set up your ClipMyDeals theme on it. This will enable you to integrate with affiliate programs and start the business.

Step 4: Sign up for affiliate programs.

To kick off your business, you need the right connections with affiliate partners. Choose partners that offer lucrative products and packages. Try to have various categories of products that will attract more customers.

Ask brands about their monthly sales, daily traffic, and other performance metrics before integrating with them. Stores with high sales figures can fetch you better ROI with less effort. 

Step 5: Publish coupons/products with affiliate links.

Next, you publish coupons or products with affiliate links on your website. ClipMyDeals has a standard postbacks technique to automatically sync transactions from affiliate networks with your website. 

You can integrate any affiliate network around the world with no restrictions or dependencies. You can also get automatic updates and track real-time transactions to provide better customer service and make the website more profitable.

Step 6: Promote your website and wait for users to come and shop.

Once your website is all set and ready, you must spread the word among users. Conduct proper website promotions, highlight the best offers and rebates, and conduct marketing campaigns to increase visibility.

Users will visit once the promotion takes over. Then, they can click your affiliate links, make purchases, and increase your profits.

Step 7: Monitor your users’ sales using the ClipMyDeals cashback plugin.

With the ClipMyDeals cashback plugin, you can monitor your users’ sales metrics, outgoing clicks, transactions, cashback amounts, and deal statuses round the clock. This plugin logs users’ outgoing clicks and passes them as SubID in your affiliate links.

All users have access to their reports, and the admin has access to consolidated data. With dashboards and insights, you get a better idea of your business’ performance and can plan strategies accordingly.

Step 8: Transfer cashback money to users once the sale is confirmed.

The final step is to grant the promised rewards to users once they make a sale through your website. Many coupon websites opt for a virtual/digital wallet to grant cashbacks to their users. You can either do that or transfer the cashback money to the user’s bank account, as mentioned in the deal.

Ensure rewards and cashbacks are granted at the promised time to build a solid brand reputation and garner more customers.


A cashback website lets you build a successful business with simple efforts. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create a successful cashback website like Rakuten and Cashkaro and dive into the affiliate marketing arena.

Use ClipMyDeals to make your website setup process easy, quick, and highly productive. This is a surefire way to become a profitable business owner and build an affiliate network worth envying.