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Ajax Search

You can choose whether you want to enable ajax search on your website or not along with the other ajax settings which you can find by going to WordPress > appearance > customize > ajax search

Enable Ajax search

You can enable Ajax search on your website using this option. Ajax search is basically an advanced form of search. It is also called live search because it reacts to the users' input. When users are typing, the live search shows suggestions on how to complete the keywords. You can also check the box below this option, to include images in the search suggestions.

  • number of search results to show in Ajax: You can choose the number of search results you want to show in Ajax from here. If you want to show all results, simple type in 0.
  • Start searching after "N" characters: You can set the number of characters after which the ajax results start showing up. For example if you set it to 3, ajax results will be shown after the user types in 3 characters. If you want ajax search to start showing up immediately, type in 0 here.

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