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How to submit a build request for your Android Application

Below are the steps for submitting your Android App build request
  1. Visit and login to your ClipMyDeals account
  2. Here you will be able to see your License key, your domain name, purchase date and list of all products
  3. Click on the "build app" button next to Android App
  4. You will receive a pop up in which your License key and domain name will already be updated, You need to fill up the remaining fields
  5. App name: Choose a name for your Application, after uploading on play store, your app will be listed by this name
  6. Homepage URL: Enter the homepage URL of your website
  7. Package name: You can give name to your Android app package here. Generally it is advisable that you give this name in the format of (so, if your App name is 'coupons' and you can name your bundle as
  8. Icon: Upload an icon for your Android Application here. Please use 'PNG' image of dimension 512x512px
  9. Version number: If this is your first build request, then leaves this as it is
  10. Version code: If this is your first build request, then leaves this as it is
After entering all the details for your application, kindly recheck all the details and the icon uploaded because after you submit this request, you will not be able to change it. If you wish to make any changes and rebuild the application you will have to pay charge of $15.

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