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How to check postback success/failure in Postback Logs

With this feature in our cashback plugin, you can now find the reason why your postback URL failed.

Go to your Admin Panel > Cashback > Postback logs

You can set a range From DD-MM-YYY HH-MM-SS To DD-MM-YYY HH-MM-SS. You can choose to type the details or choose the date and time from the calendar in the corner. Now click on Refresh, all the details of the transaction will be listed below in a tabular format
  1. Status – Red indicates failure. Green indicates success
  2. Time – This is the exact date and time the postback was launched
  3. Request – It shows all the parameters that were requested in the postback URL. Screenshot attached below shows the parameters for Admitad Postback[[[subid]]]&merchant_transaction_id=[[[order_id]]]&transaction_amount=[[[order_sum]]]&commission_amount=[[[payment_sum]]]&transaction_date=[[[time]]]&&token=f0955f01c507a8210d80c2b3abf469b7
  4. Response – It shows the exact reason why the postback URL failed.

Similarly, if you want to delete the logs for a specific duration, you can do so by clicking on Purge.
Now, you will get a pop-up to select the number of days for which you want to delete the postback logs
Eg - To delete all postback logs give input '0' Day(s).
Eg - If you have selected 15 Days, it will delete all Postback Logs older than 15 Days
Then click on Delete. Once this action is performed, the data will be deleted permanently from your logs

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