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Setting up Comparison Plugin

Follow the below steps to configure/change the settings for your plugin :-

  1. Go to Wordpress > ClipMyDeals Comparison
  2. In Show Category list on Products?, you can choose to select whether to show
    1. No Category: To hide category tags from the product
      (Even if you have mapped a parent category/ child category, still no category tags will be shown on the product page/listing)
    2. Show only Parent Category: To show parent categories for your products
      (Note: If you have mapped a child category, but selected to "Show only Parent Category" then no Tag will be shown in such case)
    3. Show all category: To show all categories, you can choose multiple tags for a single product
  3. In Show Store list on Products? choose
    1. Show All stores: To display all the stores mapped to that specific product on the product page
    2. No: To hide all the stores mapped to that specific product on the product page
  4. In Show Out of Stock Products? choose
    1. Yes: To display the product that are currently out of stock
    2. No: To hide currently out of stock products
      (Note: If you erase the pricing for the product then it will be automatically labelled with "Currently out of stock")
  5. In Show Single Product Page choose
    1. Yes: To have a separate page for the product on your website
      (It allows you to click on the product title, which when clicked takes you to the product page)
    2. No: To not have a separate product page on your website.
      (It does not allow clickable product title. The user may click on "compare prices on other stores" to view the price comparison for the same product on different stores)
  6. In Product Currency enter the default currency that should appear. Even if the "Product currency" field is left empty at the time of adding new product, the default currency will appear
  7. In Currency Position you can choose
    1. Prefix: To show currency before the amount
    2. Suffix: To show currency after the amount
      (Note: This currency position will act as default, in case you choose currency position as "Default" while adding a new product)
  8. In Button to show first you can choose
    1. Buy Now: To add "Buy Now" button, which will be shown first and "Compare prices at other stores" will be shown below that 
    2. Compare Prices: To add "Compare prices at other stores" button, which will be shown first and "Buy Now" will be shown below that
  9. In Default Product Summary add the text to be shown as "Product Summary". This text will be shown to the users by default, if the product has no summary associated with it.
  10. In Default Product Image add the image to be shown as "Product Image". This image will be shown to the users by default, if the product has no image associated with it.
  11. Click on Save to make changes.

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