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How to build your IOS app and upload it to App store

Once you have purchased the IOS app from, you need to submit a request for building the app and then you can download it.

Submit a request for building IOS app

  1. Login to your ClipMyDeals dashboard
  2. Click on Build App button next to IOS App
  3. Add the App name, you can use any name that you wish to give to your iOS App
  4. Next add the Homepage URL of your website
  5. Add the Bundle name which needs to be same bundle id that you used while creating your provisioning profile
  6. If you wish to have an Icon for your App, you can upload that too
  7. Upload the Provisioning Profile that you have created (make sure you use the proper certificate while creating the provisioning profile)
  8. Next you need to upload the Distribution Certificate (make sure you upload the correct distribution certificate which you create in your Apple Developer Account)
  9. Click on create App
  10. You will immediately receive an acknowledgement mail and you will receive your app via a separate mail within 2 working days
  11. Download the App and save it to your computer

Upload your App to Apple App Store

Note: You need to download transporter App on your MAC system for proceeding ahead.
(Before going to point number 3 make sure you configure some settings give below)
  • Open the Transporter
  • App Hover your mouse pointer to the Transporter name (located at top left of the screen)
  • Click on Preferences
  • Under Transfer Protocol, uncheck Signiant & Aspera
  • And under section When a package is added, change it to Verify & Deliver
  • Now you can close the dialogue box & follow step 3 below.
  1. Download transporter App from this link
  2. Open the App and login using the same credentials that you use for your developer account
  3. Drag the IPA file that you have downloaded in the previous step, to the “Add App” screen of transporter
  4. Check the overview of the app’s details and then click on deliver to proceed with uploading the App to Apple App store

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