Add/Edit Offer Category

Follow the below steps to create a new offer category:

  1. Go to WordPress > Coupons > Offer Categories
  2. Use the "Add New" section on the left side to create a category.
    1. Name: Name of the category page
    2. Slug: Unique URL component for the category page
    3. Description: A short description of the category page
  3. After the category is created, on the right side you click on "Edit" link under the category. Here you can add a number of other options
    1. Article: This is an article for the category page. Use this to write long-form formatted content. It is very beneficial for SEO purposes.
    2. Image URL: Enter the URL of the category image. If you want to use a third-party image, then you can enter its URL here. If you want to upload the image yourself, then go to WordPress > Media > Add New. Once the image is uploaded, copy its URL and use it here.

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