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Permission Justifications for submitting on Chrome Web Store

When we submit Chrome Extension to be published on Chrome Webstore, Google asks to fill a form related to use of various permissions by the extension. We need to justify those permissions, so that the team at Google can do a full review.

This is what you should mention:

Tabs Justification:

The user needs to be logged into our website for some functionalities like "cashback" to work correctly. For example, when the user clicks on "Login" button in the extension, we open a new tab with the login page. Once the user logs in, the tab is closed automatically so that they can continue with their shopping. Keeping the login page active would disturb the users shopping flow.

Storage Justification:

The extension fetches active Coupons & Deals from the website. These offers are saved in Local storage so that this data can be used again in the background.js and popup, without having to call the offers' API repeatedly.

Cookies Justifcation:

Certain user activities on our website affect the behaviour of the extension. For example, if the user has already clicked on the "Get Coupon Code" button on our website, then the Coupons are already revealed in the extension as well. Such interactions are recorded in cookies on the website. And so we need to read the same cookie in order to show things accordingly in the extension.

Host Permission Justification:

We need to prompt the users with all available Coupons & Deals for the website they are shopping on. For this, we need to know the current hostname, so that we can compare with the available stores on our website. We cannot hardcode a bucket list of such stores, because the web-admin would be adding/removing hundreds of stores from the website daily.

Are you using Remote Code?

Yes. We have used Fontawesome Icons script ( for UI design.

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