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Add/Edit a Store

Follow the below steps to create a new store:

  1. Go to WordPress > Coupons > Stores
  2. Use the "Add New" section on the left side to create a store.
    1. Name: Name of the store page
    2. Slug: Unique URL component for the store page
    3. Description: A short description of the store page
  3. After the store is created, on the right side you click on "Edit" link under the store. Here you can add a number of other store options
    1. Popular Store: Check to add this store to list of popular stores. Can be displayed on homepage and in widget area.
    2. Store Website URL: You should enter the actual store homepage URL here, without any affiliate parameters. This is used by the browser extensions to suggest coupons & deals by comparing the store's domain. This URL is also used in outgoing links in case "Store Affiliate URL" is empty.
    3. Store Affiliate URL: This URL is used as the default Affiliate URL for all coupons belonging to this store. It is also used in the "Visit Store" button on the store page.
      (If you have the browser extension and cashback plugin then, when the customer clicks on activate cashback button on the browser extension, he will be redirected via this URL)
    4. Store Subdomains: Enter the store subdomain in this box. Each sub-domain should be entered on a separate row. This field is used by Browser Extension when you have a single store for multiple sub-domains. So if there is a single store '' for its multiple sub-domains like "", "", "" etc then you will use this field. This list of sub-domains will make sure that our Browser Extension displays coupons/deals/products on all sub-domains of a particular store. This way, you can ensure that you earn the maximum affiliate commission. The most popular example of use of this field is in the case of - it has a single affiliate program for multiple sub-domains like,
    5. Logo URL: Place the URL of the store logo over here. If the store has shared the official logo URL, then you can enter it here. If you want to upload the logo yourself, then go to WordPress > Media > Add New. Once the image is uploaded, copy its URL and use it as the store's Logo URL.
    6. Article: This is an article for the store page. Use this to write long-form formatted content. It is very beneficial for SEO purposes.
    7. Banner URL: Enter the URL of the banner that you want to use on the store page. If the store has shared any official banner, then you can enter its URL here. If you want to upload the banner yourself, then go to WordPress > Media > Add New. Once the image is uploaded, copy its URL and use it as the store's Banner URL.
    8. Button Color: This color will be used on the buttons and labels for this store's coupons. Chose a dark color that matches the store's overall experience.
    9. Store Location: You can use this field to place store location using Google Map or any other embedded map code. To place this on the store page, you will need to add the Store Location Widget to your sidebar.
    10. Store Video: You can use this field to place a related video or ad using YouTube, Vimeo, or any other embedded video code. To place this on the store page, you will need to add the Store Video Widget to your sidebar.
    11. Page Title: If you want to give a different Title to your webpage for this store, you can enter it here. This will be used to display in browser menu bar, as well as in Search Engine results.
    12. Store Category: You can map a category to your store from here. Simply add the category that you want to map to the store. Please note that these categories would be used in the "ClipMyDeals store category widget" to display stores on the basis of categories.
    13. Store Display Priority: Your stores will be displayed in the descending order of the priority that you set here which means that greater the priority you set, higher will be the position of the store. Stores will be sorted as per priority on the Stores page as well as in "ClipMyDeals store category widget".
  4. Click on update/create to save the changes or create new store
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