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Create your own Child Theme

You can create a Child Theme for ClipMyDeals using the standard WordPress method.

To download the basic child theme, click on below link:

If you are using an older version of ClipMyDeals (less than 2.0), then you may need to follow the below steps:

1. Go to Files > wp-content > themes folder.

2. Note the name of the parent ClipMyDeals folder ie. Files > wp-content > themes > clipmydeals-xyz. You will need this name in Step #3
If you have never updated ClipMyDeals since installation, then it will be something like 'clipmydeals-[version-number]'. If you have ever updated the theme, then it will be something like 'clipmydeals-[some-random-characters]'.

3. In Files > wp-content > themes, go to the new Child Theme folder and edit the "style.css" file. Replace the "Template Name" with the name of the parent theme folder which you noted in Step #2.

4. Save the file and exit. Now, go to WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes. You should see the ClipMyDeals Child Theme here. Click on "Activate" to make it live.

You can now override any ClipMyDeals file by creating the same file on same path in Child Theme's folder. If the file being customized includes any other file, then you will have to create those files as well.
If you want to learn more details about Child Themes, we recommend you refer to official WordPress Documentation regarding it.

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